Root of it all Remedies inc.

Using nature's most                                                   
to support muscle and nerve pain & inflammation,
anxiety and stress, self-care
and a night of more restful sleep.

therapeutic plants
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Why choose our products? 

  • Every order plants a tree with OneTreeUnited
    in Canada!! 

  • No synthetic ingredients.

  • No artificial fragrances, flavours or colours.

  • Never tested on animals!

  • Handcrafted, fresh, sustainable, fair trade products delivered right to your door.

  • Biodegradable, plantable, shredded seed paper in every shipment to help support bee prosperity.  

  • We use tried and trusted ancient remedy ingredients that are scientifically recognized and proven to work

  •  Nutrient filled formulas that are 100% pure & natural

  • 100% Canadian, Women-owned and operated, devoted to you, our communities and our planet.


From Plant, straight to Product and right to You


Powered by 
exceptional sustainable ingredients

Our products are made with our signature cannabis root infused coconut oil,
that is raw and ethically sourced along with our 
Shea and Cocoa butter from Ghana, Africa, 
local Nova Scotian and Ontario beeswax and honey,
a carefully selected assortment of essential oils,

garden-grown and foraged plants and more,
all created using time-tested techniques,
by people who really do care.

 2 Ways to Choose
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Synergy Blends 
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Customized Formulations
Foggy Forest

A Story From Humble Roots


Root Of It All Remedies Inc. was founded in 2019
by mother & daughter Carol and Krista Menard.

Built on the principle of conscious consumption

and building a connection with your community

and mother nature.

From the plant, straight to the product, right to you,
our mission is to infuse the traditional with the modern to craft exquisite herbal experiences,
that provide an understanding of the natural world around us and the intrinsic values it provides.


We are based in Shearwater, Nova Scotia and Green Valley, Ontario. We work entirely with local suppliers and farmers to help support our communities and are always looking for more innovative ways to move forward and provide powerful plant medicine to our community and beyond! 

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