Root of it all Remedies inc.



    We strive to give you the purest and most natural products,
with eco-friendly packaging, while supporting fair trade ingredients.


We're always looking for more innovative and creative ways to move forward in our mission.

      Alongside our passion for helping people is our love of all mother nature's creatures. One of the initiatives we proudly support is saving the Bees. The way we try to support this as a company is by using shredded packing material made of seed paper that you can plant and grow into your own wildflowers especially picked for promoting bee pollination. 

Learn more about what you can do to help the bees :)

    We're also always looking for ways to help give back to                                   the communities that have supported our dream.                                

     We are also proud supporters of CANADIAN-based products and support like-minded Canadian companies who believe in quality, purity, ethics and holistic well-being.

     By helping us, you are helping you! We are constantly reinvesting in our company to help further research and development to bring you the best formulas possible. Always blending science with the wisdom of our ancestors and the power of mother nature. 

     Thank you for your Love and Support!

Plant the shredded packing material you receive in your shipment and grow bee-friendly flowers from seed paper!

From Botanical Paper works, seed paper that grows!


Men's line, Baby line, Serums,

Hair products, Pet line, Teas and more all made with the power of Mother Nature!

To use 100% bio-degradable 

packaging for all products!

All paper materials to be made from cannabis-hemp, and plantable seed paper.

Beginning Root Of It All Remedies farm,

to ensure the utmost purity and freshness while bringing work to our local communities,  

and bring you back to your roots.

Continuing to help our communities and
Heal our Planet!!!