Root of it all Remedies inc.

meet Mother & Daughter,
Carol and Krista Menard

On the Road
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      One of the questions we get asked most is "How did we get started?" I'm still amazed sometimes that we've been gifted with this opportunity to turn our passion and hobby into our family's livelihoods. 

             Along our journey, my husband was involved in a rear-end motorcycle collision accident that left him in severe nerve pain in his back and hips. This led him to retirement at 50 years of age.
Daily he needed pain relief that came from
pharmaceutical options and gave minor temporary relief and a whole list of their own side effects or invasive surgery that promised nothing.

            I began searching for alternative methods of healing. I read book after book and took what courses or teachings I could find until I came across Cannabis roots. I had learned about its amazing anti-inflammatory properties and its extensive use throughout history and decided to give it a shot.

I infused some roots and it worked so well I decided to make it even better by blending other healing ingredients like aloe, shea butter and essential oils and shared it with family and friends for issues like restless legs at night, arthritic and muscle inflammation, nerve pain, anxiety, headaches, PMS cramps, you name it, it felt like I was helping everyone with something. With Krista's herbal background and Clinical Aromatherapy studies, eye for design and our common goal to help people we started Root of It All Remedies Inc. 

With one mission in mind

and that's blending science and mother nature

to support as many people as possible!


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Herbal Medicine
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      Every since I was a child, herbs and spices have fascinated me. I remember my grandfather first taught me to bake an apple pie. The aromas that filled the room of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove grounded me in a way I didn’t understand at the time and brought about a warm comforting sense that I still feel and think of every time I smell apple pie, bringing me back in time. When I made my first cup of tea with my grandmother I was hooked for life. Little did they know or did I... that they were planting the seeds and building the foundation for a lifelong passion that would turn out igniting a deeper purpose within me. Most of my first taste of herbalism was coming across interesting herbal books and working in the garden. Then with experiencing health issues I wanted to heal naturally. I started to feel the pull towards nature and particular plants. This initial brush with herbs is just the beginning, and is followed by a yearning to soak up everything I can about herbal medicine and share it with the world!

         My organic formulating journey really took off when I became a Mom to my 2 amazing boys.
Like any parent, I want my children to be capable of their best potential, which meant building a strong and healthy foundation mentally and physically. I could not accept subjecting them to products and foods filled with scientifically known carcinogens, hormone-disrupting additives, allergenic ingredients and hidden dangers that are not on ingredient labels like pesticides and heavy metal contamination. These are in the commercial products we were putting on our skin, in our foods and the products we clean our homes with every day that are supposed to be safe and tested... are they not?
So I decided to make them myself!

        The herbs themselves are just the tip of the iceberg in herbal studies.
It includes so much more. It is an encompassing understanding of botany, wild plant identification and foraging, chemistry and organic formulating, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, cultivation practices, business ethos, astronomy and more.
So, when my dad was in need and
my mom learned about the powers of cannabis roots,
I applied all my knowledge of organic formulating, aromatherapy
and a passion for ancient medicine (herbalism),
 to create the magical formulation now known as
our Pain & Inflammation Salve to bring him the relief he needed. 


Another one of our best-selling formulations, the "Dragon Balm: White (cooling)"
originated from a recipe I made for my husband's grandmother for her rheumatoid arthritis, edema and eczema. 
It had given her relief to sleep at night and feel more comfortable moving around during the day.

It was then that I knew I wanted to help more people in this way and how we helped my dad.

We started this journey to make ethical, environmentally conscious and fair trade products,
that support other 
Canadian companies, in the hopes to spread the knowledge and help other families live happier healthier lives naturally!


We've learnt so much along our journey so far and now we're ready to share it with you!


What People Are Saying?

“After my bike accident, I tried every prescription & non-prescription medication, along with every natural remedy I could find to relieve my

back pain. It wasn't until using a product infused with

hemp root, that I finally found

the relief I was looking for.”

— Frank, Ontario (age: 55+)