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Cornwall, Ontario

Frank Menard

“After my bike accident, I tried every prescription & non-prescription medication, along with every natural remedy I could find to relieve my back pain. It wasn't until using a product infused with hemp root, that I finally found

the relief I was looking for.”


Shediac, New Brunswick

Geralden Richard

"After years of having sever arthritis at over 70 years of age, I've found relief with Root Of It All Remedies, to sleep at night and feel less pain & stiffness during the day"

Image by Omar Lopez

Cornwall, Ontario

Nurses at Cornwall Community Hospital 

"Love the smell and texture on the Botanical Whipped Body Butters. Great to use on our hands, that can get very dry from washing them constantly. The bath salt are a great way to relax and unwind at the end of the day and a little goes a long way!" 


Shediac, New Brunswick

Christina Jones

 "Being in the fast food industry, you are on your feet the entire shift! Leaving your feet and legs tired and swollen. If it wasn't for Root Of It All Remedies Salves, I wouldn't even had made it through my first shift." 


Moncton, New Brunswick

Vero Leger

"I love every one I've tried so far. I get the kids to rub the salve on my back when its inflamed from a car accident injury or I use it on my now healed broken leg and it really helps.

You have a talent Krista!"


Casselman, Ontario

Josee Cadieux

The hype is real! This Canadian Maple botanical lip balm from

Root Of it all Remedies is AMAZING! I give them 1000!


Cold Lake, Alberta

Jenny Raynard

"This stuff is seriously unbelievable. When u think whipped u think u will need a lot, umm not the case a small amount

goes along way it spreads amazing, smells amazing and no oily feeling after and I do feel very chill too"

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Samantha Ritchie

Cornwall, Ontario

The botanical body scrub is one of my absolute favourites.
It is by far the best body scrub I’ve ever had and used.
I’ve finally found a scrub that has that high quality to it I’ve been looking for, while maintaining an all natural ingredient list. I love to use it in the morning or at night, the natural essential oils always putting me in a great mindset. This scrub not only smells amazing, it has a natural moisture in it that leaves my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.
I give this product a full 5 out of 5 stars.

aimee 2.jpg

Aimee-Chanelle Poitras

Cornwall, Ontario

WOW tried some products and I love the way they make me feel inside and out . I had to make my 1st order tonight.. theres absolutely no other products out there like this . this is now part of my daily health and beauty routine.

! ! ! A M A Z I N G ! ! ! !



Moncton, New Brunswick

"Had a custome made product, that work great
for my extremely dry hands and feet caused by eczema!"


Kendra Strong 

Cold Lake, Alberta

 I used the sleep roller last few nights and i would say it made a difference!! I was impressed!!!


Abbie Louise

Cold Lake, Alberta

Tried the product and love it!!